Pop-soul artist Emilia Qvist is currently working on her debut EP together with Helsinki Records, due to be released in 2023. Emilia Qvist is a driven songwriter, singer and pianist, with music that combines modern pop with elements from soul and blues, tied together by touching and honest lyrics.

Her debut single "Innan det är för sent" was released in January 2022. The single got a warm welcome and was frequently played on national radio. After the sequel single "Lite starkare" new music will be released in during spring 2023.

Having lived through some busy years, the pandemic was a true wake-up call for the artist. "Our time here is limited, and if you want something you have to go out and get it". Emilia Qvist knows the power of music and is therefore walking her own path, being herself and releasing her own music. 

As a true Nordic artist, Emilia Qvist was born in Finland, has lived in Norway and also performed in both Sweden and Denmark. Emilia Qvist has performed at hundreds of gigs at corporate parties, restaurants, cruises and anniversaries etc. She performs mainly solo, accompanying herself on the piano, but also does duo gigs with piano and violin and gigs with a trio set-up (saxophone, drums and piano) and band.

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